Nikki’s Salon Terre Haute, IN

Nails are jewels not tools, so be kind to your jewels. - Nikki

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About Us

Nikki's Salon is a full service salon including, hair, nails, barbering, waxing, and esthetics — conveniently located in downtown Terre Haute, Indiana.

Our nail technicians specialize in Tammy Taylor sculptured nails, 3D and hand painted nail art.

Our nail technicians can enhance your nails in many ways, wheather you would like a new set of sculptured, tapered, square, or gel manicure and pedicure, we are here to meet your needs. All of our nail technicians have been taught the Tammy Taylor Nails twelve-step acrylic system, and the proper way to sanitize/disinfect our equipment for the best results and your safety.

Our highly trained hair stylists and barber can help you achieve the look you desire.

Our esthetition can provide the waxing service that best fits you. Using only all natural skin care products for your facial needs.