Nails are jewels not tools, so be kind to your jewels. - Nikki

Contact Us: 812-238-1025

Jessica's Services

  • Full Set $40
  • Fill $30
  • Pedi $35
  • Reg Mani $25
  • Gel Mani $30
  • Gel Add On $5
  • Polish $10
  • Nail Art $3 and up
  • 3d art $5 and up


Hi, my name is Jessica Shores. I graduated from Jocie's Beauty School in Brazil, Indiana, in June 2014, and started working at Nikki's Salon in July 2014. I have become a huge fan of Tammy Taylor products and sculpted nails. Before I became licensed, I would do my friends' nails for fun as a hobby and decided to go to school to get licensed when one of my friends' moms mentioned how much she liked them and that I should go to school so I can work doing something I love. I am always learning new techniques, and love to play with colors to create new designs. I have gained many new clients who have become friends throughout this time, and am more than happy to take on more. :)