Nails are jewels not tools, so be kind to your jewels. - Nikki

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Barbara's Services

  • Haircuts $15 and up
  • Haircut and style $19 and up (includes shampoo and conditioner)
  • Bang or nape trim $4
  • Perms $60 and up
  • Long hair or specialty wraps $80 and up
  • Color $60 and up highlights $70 and up
  • Color and highlights $80 and up
  • Color correction (price given after consultation)
  • Facial waxing $10 per section (eyes brows, chin, lip)
  • Conditioning treatment $5 and up
  • Hair style or flat iron $16 and up


I have been In the hair industry for over 20 years. I am a former educator for hairdressers in 8 states and 5 provinces of Canada. I am still as passionate today as I was on day one.